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Allplan 2017 Step by Step Presentation 2 - Animation, Scan

The first unit deals with the Animation module. The chapter begins with a general description of the background and approaches used in the Animation module. Then you will get started with your own animated sequences: you will set up camera positions (perspective views), define surface materials, set up lights and render a photo-realistic image. Finally, you will record a movie and learn how to convert movies to AVI files that will run in Windows Media Player i.e. independently of the CAD program. Additional aspects of the Animation module are discussed in short digressions: for example, you will learn how to record a sun study, how to map textures onto 3D elements and how to create your own textures.

The second unit describes the features and basic principles of the Scan module. You will learn how to import scan files and how to associate them with drawing files. You will also learn how to adjust the size and position of scanned images and how to edit them. Finally, you will create scan elements for presentation purposes.

Using a 3D model, you will work through the exercises in this guide. If you do not want to create the 3D model yourself, you can download it.

Tags Step by step Presentation 3D model Animation Scan Basic concepts Allplan 2017

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