As the title says, I'm a programmer deeply interested in the possibilities for HMD programming. I have some ideas I want to implement in a simple Unity program, specifically for the Vive (for now).

Without divulging too much, I aim to make a very simple IDE for VR, targeted at generating Python code (or maybe another language, I'm not super picky about that.) I have a number of ideas that I've been refining over the months of play and exploration, and I think there may be the possibility to end up at a fully featured suite.

The issue is that, as a single person, I could probably work for years on this and never get to a viable RC. As such, I thought I would try to find another dev who would like to work on such a project. This would definitely be a side project for me, though my only one as of now.

I have 4+ years C# experience, 10+ years python experience (and a bunch of other less relevant languages), ~2 years sporadic experience with Unity. I have a full time 9-5er, so most work would be evenings and weekends. I'm in EST zone. I can correspond through Slack, Skype, Hangouts, or just about anything you really desire to use.

I would like to find someone with at least a few years C# experience, at least a year of Unity experience, and a passion for VR (along with your own headset). Ideally, someone in America for the sake of convenience, but I will not shut out anyone who contacts me on this basis alone. I'm also open to any ideas a person cares to contribute, as this is a bit of an unknown territory as far as implementation is concerned.

I'm not offering to pay. All I can really offer is partnership on the project. If it ever gets to a release candidate, I would much prefer to release as an open-source project. I am, however, open to selling/monetizing the project, if it is sufficiently functional. In such a case, the revenue would be split evenly between contributing devs.

I know this is a shot in the dark. I'm not that naive. However, If anyone here feels that they may be interested, feel free to PM me. I'm not a jerk, I'm not going to look down on anyone for asking about this. At some point I'll probably need everything from beta testers, to UI/UX people, to additional devs. I am, however, serious about this project. I would consider this a passion project, as the only real reason for me to do it is interest in the overlapping fields (VR and programming).

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from someone soon.