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The Spanish translation of the Help for the topic Export/Import to Excel contains a line that is difficult to understand, and with implausible results. Attached screenshot of the result in the User Attributes, and the translation of the Help.
I also don't understand if the exported file has extension *.xac, the one that announces the help, or *.xca. In fact it generates *.xca files. Should this be another translation error?
If someone knows how to access German or English Help, perhaps they will clarify something. Thank you

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Same answer as in the Spanish forum...
Click right on the Allplan help window, select "Properties" and you'll get the link to the online help.
Copy the link and paste it in your browser.
The language code is just before "/Allplan".
1034 = Spanish
1036 = French
1033 = English
1031 = German
1040 = Italian

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