[Question] Allplan does not want show solid fiiling in all asociated views any more?


All worked normally. Just at once Allplan does not want to show any filling in all associated views any more. I really do not know how it is possible. Maybe is a trick how to convince Allplan to work again as before???
This is possible just in Allplan!!!
Really annoying.


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Hatch is working, texture is working, just filling doesn't want to work. It doesn't want to use it, simply fut no filling.
San anyone help, I would be very grateful, as I want to deliver a change to a client and all the plans are now without filling and I cannot do it!!!

Please if someone can tell me how to fix this bug in Allplan:

Look at the video and all will be very clear to you!!!


Look at "Show/Hide" (see online help).
You may have unchecked the fills.

Thanks a lot. I have no idea how this was unchecked!

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