[Question] Show the reinforcement of inactive drawing files in grey on plot!

I have a problem as I have reinforcement for many walls organized so that they are in many drawing files, but associated views for all the walls in one file. So I see in one wall all the reinfocement of active drawing file for reinforcement of this wall, but other reinforcment of the other walls connected with current wall in gray what is correct as that reinforcement belongs to other drawing files which are not active at the moment.
The point is that when I create a layout window for a plot, all reinforcement in one associated view is drawn with the same colour. How could I draw on a layout the reinforcement from inactive drawing files for this associated view in gray color?
Is this possible? It would be correct the reinforcement of all walls cannot be drawn on the same sheet of paper as there are too many walls and each of them need to be presented on separate sheet of paper. So the reinforcement of other walls are irelevant for that current wall...

Thanks for reply...

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That what you want don't works. How do you try to make the reports from the Layout?
If you make a report from this layout, there will be all reinforcement of all "Teilbilder" in this report, you can not filter this in the layout...

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