Windows 10 (build:2004) makes Allplan 2019 WG to freeze


I've just updated the windows recently to the new build:2004. I work remotly most of the time.
With this new version of Windows:
- I can connect to the server as before, but
- if I start to change anything in the drawings, the Allplan freezes.
- however if I work on local projects this problem does not occur.

Luckily windows has an option to step back to the earlier build. (But only for a few days after the update!)

Unfortunatly I forgot to give back the license, and Allplan senses that another computer uses the license, but this another computer no longer exist...
I was trying to install the new build again, just for being able to give back the license, that did not worked.
So I ask the Allplan center for reset the license.

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Here, it is a forum between users.
Please contact directly Allplan support or your local reseller.


it was my first move.
I wrote this only to warn the users for the issue:
WINDOWS 10 build:2004 has an issue with Allplan 2019 while using Workgroup
I recommend after upgrade try it in WG, because the option "going back to earlier build" in windows,
will last only a few days after you installed it.

BTW I just got my license back already That was fast.

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