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Way back in the past when I was still at school I had to do some drawing with AutoCAD. I remember there was a command (I think it was called "TIME" (?)) built in to recall how long the specific file had been opened / worked in.

Does anyone know if there is any automatic time tracking or time logging built-in in Allplan project data? This might be handy to do some check if estimated time for a project was guessed right, for future reference.

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There is nothing in Allplan for counting time.

in a single File system to collect the times between opening and closing, it can make sense to act like this. (also i think it will not be excact enough:

you just start opening a file Project A: .. you get a phone call after 5 minutes but it is for project B. this may take one hour, you close file of project A.. to work on project b to solve the problem of project b .. and similar situations.

in allplan you will have many files (teilbilder) and plans you are working with. So time has to collect all times for a project.
with More than one person working on it ...

additonally for a real world project tool you need to make a difference between work for that the customer has paid and what may be extra effort.

additonally you may just work on the project in bimplus.


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