[Question] BaseElementAdapter to BarPlacement



after selecting object in Allplan I get the BaseElementAdapter.

1. Mine object is BarPlacement. How can I convert this to BarPlacement ?
2. How to get Properties from BaseElementAdapter (any selected element from Allplan) ?
3. How to get Rebar Position from BaseElementAdapter (any selected element from Allplan) ?

Best regards,
Rafal Nowak

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Hi Rafal,

we are just working on this functionality in 2021 and with 2021-1 you can get the properties from selected geometry elements. More elements will follow in the ongoing hotfixes.

Which properties do you need in general?

Best regards

Hi Horst,

Mine main focus was on Rebars and BarPlacement. Mine Goal was to make script to help with Auto Label new or unlabelled Bars.

If there is no option to manipulate with existing elements in Allplan this will not be possible. Looked at many PythonParts examples, even got the Debugging working. There are lot of examples about creating new elements but there is no data about modifying existing ones.

I am stuck with v2018 so new updates for v21 will not work for me. So there is no option than abandon mine project.

Thank You for Your answer.

Best regards,
Rafal Nowak

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