PythonParts don't run after hotfixes


after hotfixes instalation (all hotfixes for 2020 version: from 2020-0-1 to 2020-0-6 and from 2020-1 to 2020-1-10) any PythonParts doesn;t run. I receive some errors:
"" File "C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\Allplan\2020\Etc\PythonPartsScripts\GeneralScripts\", line 50, in create_library_preview
BuildingElementService().read_data_from_pyp(file_name, None, True, material_str_table)
File "C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\Allplan\2020\Etc\PythonPartsScripts\GeneralScripts\", line 144, in read_data_from_pyp
sub_file_name, str_table, material_str_table, iteration == 0):
File "C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\Allplan\2020\Etc\PythonPartsScripts\GeneralScripts\", line 351, in create_building_element_list
name_counter = Counter()
File "C:\Program Files\Allplan\AllplanPrecast 2020_1\Prg\Python\Lib\collections\", line 534, in __init__
super(Counter, self).__init__()
TypeError: super(type, obj): obj must be an instance or subtype of type"

How to fix it?

best regards,

Hello Krzysztof,

please try a full installation of the last version. Maybe something goes wrong during the hotfix installation.

Best regards

Hello Horst,
I found the problem- in pure Allplan 2020 it works fine. Problem is with Planbar2020.
When I've run Allplan 2020 it works. After that when I've run Planbar 2020 again and I received many other errors like:
'AttributeError: module 'collections' has no attribute 'MutableMapping'

best regards,


I have same problem with the reinforcement of Python Parts, after installation of 2021-1-0. But I do not work with Planbar.

The problem in details is:
1. When I click on checkbox "Create Reinforcement" does not appeare a tab for reinforcement (pic 1-2)
2. I have to click in the element on the reinforcment to appear the tabs for the reinforcement (pic 1-3)
3. The main problem is that when I choose diameter of the reinforcement (in this case I choose N22), appear N10, if I choose another does not appear anything.

The error in the Trace is:

String table error:
TextId: _Stir_Ver_Structural was not found in stringtable: C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\Allplan\2021\Etc\PythonPartsFramework\GeneralScripts\Stringtable\BuildingElement_eng.xml

With windows explorer I can reach file: BuildingElement_eng.xml

How can I fix this?

Thank you.

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Hello Petrov,

I can't reproduce your problem. Please attach the pypsub file of your PythonPart, so I can check the problem with your file.

Best regards

Hello Horst,

please see the attached pypsub file.

About point 3.: After several tests I realize that with reinforcement catalogue Bb-I it works, but with the rest does not.
It works only for the corbels with all reinforcement catalogues.
Point 1 and 2 remain as a problem.

Thank you,

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Hello Petrov,

this PythonPart works for me, but I'm not sure whether it's the correct one (or do you have the problem with all your PythonParsts from the PP-Editor). The PythonPart in your images has a tab "Recess Geo.", which is missing in the file you have attached.

Best regarsd

Hello Horst,

I have problem with all python parts, that I was created before Hotfix.

Do I have to recreate all problem python parts again?

Best regards,

Hello Petrov,

let's try to find the real problem. In a first step you can create one new PythonPart and check, whether this also doesn't show the reinforcement page.

Best regards
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