[Question] Import sketchup files

How to import sketchup files without removing its surfaces?
every time I import skp files to Allplan, it surface always gone. Solution?
I know add on sketchup converter, but I dong't know how to use it. I can't speak germany.

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I've been able to import items from SketchUp by using the "Import" command and choosing the file. Be sure the file is in an older version of SketchUp, 2018 or earlier. SketchUp will let you save objects in older versions by using "Save as" instead of "Save".

Hi fred hope you are doin fine. Professionally I am architectural visualization designer in beginner level or you can say a newbie to this industry. I am working with a software named zbrush and facing similar kind issue that is being listed here. Please ping want to ask few technical question with you

dear framadhanfr17

Currently, you can only get SketchUp data without texture surfaces using the SektuchUp import integrated in Allplan. This works perfectly with the Allplan add-on SketchUp Converter. So far the SketchUp Converter is only available in German. It is so easy to use that it should also be understandable in German. Further explanations in our YouTube tutorials: https://www.cds-bausoftware.ch/add-on-s/sketchup-converter

kind regards

Urs Leufen
CDS Bausoftware AG

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