[Question] Problems with labels, mark directions


I have a problem with labels and mark directions.
Could you please tell me, why when I put a label to the rebars, I can't put labels that they vertically downward will starts with mark number? Only horizontally and vertically upward labels looks ok.
See annex: 1) as I want it looks like
2) as it is now for me

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Hi Iese18,

There is few option during you place the label.

You can set if the direction, horizontal or vertical by clicking on a line or by setting a value manualy.

And you have also an option to use the 'Automatic Mark number'. This means the mark position will be displayed close to the bar.

Bye & Good Use!

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1.you can set at option show on tools. you clicked label and you can edit or translate or add on prammater of it.
2.When you creat label, bottom it show angle, you can get angle for it.

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