[Question] Excel databased object doesn't change after excel changes

Hello all,

I have a question:

I have created an object with my script. This object was created with an excel database containing coordinates for this object. It is possible that the coordinates change and that the object must therefore also change. With a double click on the object you can update the object. When I test this with a database change I see it appear visually, but as soon as I click close it goes back to what it was and not to the change. The change is only preserved if I change a LengthInput. When I double click again and then set the LengthInput back to the original number, the object also jumps back to its old excel coordinates. See the video if necessary.

Can someone tell me what to do or add to my script so that when the excel update I can double click and close and only remember the last input.

see video for further explanation.

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OK, this bug ist present also for other nodes, especially for Nodes who have generating options!

The error is that a flag is set internally as soon as something changes in the flowchart or in the values of the nodes.
Reading in an Excel file should always set this flag to "Changed", unless you compare the values of Excel with those already read in! This could be done by a hash value.

If the flag is set to "not changed" when you exit the visual script, then the old state of the PythonPart is simply kept, and all changes that you still saw in the preview are lost.

Must be fixed urgently!